By J. Kenneth Richardson, P.Eng., FSFPE

The Beginning

The seeds for an SFPE Chapter in the Ottawa region were sown in a meeting held January 15, 1981 at the Ottawa offices of the Canadian Wood Council. The four individuals in attendance were Ross Thomson of the Canadian Wood Council, Kurt Brewer of National Defence, Stuart Hornby of the Fire Commissioner of Canada’s office and Ken Richardson of the National Research Council. The group agreed that the formation of a chapter in Ottawa appeared feasible and should be investigated further. The first action of this Organizing Group was to determine the reaction of the SFPE Montreal-Ottawa Chapter (now the St. Laurent Chapter) to the formation of a separate chapter in Ottawa....

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1981-1984 Ken Richardson

1984-1986 Robert Kearney ***

1986-1988 John Berndt

1988-1990 Harold (Hal) Nichol*

1990-1992 Jack Mawhinney

1992-1994 Rod McPhee

1994-1996 Tom Dunfield

1996-1998 Guy Gosselin

1998-2000 Eugene Marotta

2000-2002 Dan Anderson

2002-2004 Guylène Proulx **

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2021-PRESENT Lindsay Ranger

*Deceased May 1993
**Deceased Dec 2009
*** Deceased October 2012

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